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welcome ^^
-I am not professional but I love to draw
-and the drawings created .. write stories XD
Hello from mauroz ^^

I'm writing this journal entry because some questions have been asked about the last part of Chapter 4 of my Friendship Is Magic comic, and in particular about my reason to include a tier system for the characters. Personally I think it is important to give a certain degree of development, even for this comic.

I know that many here compare it to Dragon Ball Z or any Role Playing Game XD. In truth it will ultimately look a little like that, but not as rigurously, so it won't be necessary to give me explanations on how to create RPG-style systems, because I don't want to make it too complex to understand.

Before I start I want to stay that I'm not an expert in explaining, so I hope I'm going to be as clear as possible.

First: A summary why the girls and other characters are reincarnations of the ponies and other creatures of Equestria (everything I'm telling is fictional and doesn't happen in the original series).

Due to an event occuring in one of the seasons (not in the fourth), Celestia had to use a forbidden spell called exodus, thus freed the souls of all the ponies (and some creatures), and sent them to an unique dimension she knew, that of humans.

Second: The young woman who has the soul of Luna (which her real name is Latika). It is Luna and not Nightmare Moon (that doesn't mean that the latter will not appear at some point in the story).

Third: Personality changes like Applejack or also the small stature of Rainbow were necessary for some things I plan for the comics in the future.

Fourth: About the choice of some powers like for Rarity, I know that in the series she hates getting dirty, but here she almost never touches the Earth. Also I gave her that element for the fact that her cutie mark are jewels and she's going to use it more often, only in the beginning she has no experience to handle it.

Now to explain how the girls can use the spiritual power.

In the universe of my story the energies that make up a body are:

The soul is pure and limitless energy, and that never goes away (even if the person dies) (in other words, it is what left of a pony of Equestria and, due to the fact that this soul belongs to a dimension where magic was something natural, is very powerful).

Physical energy: This energy is possessed by the bodies in this world (and is limited by how much it's gradually depleted when used for a long time).

And the spirit is the created current consciousness once the human is born.

Girls or other characters use their powers, the power of the soul must work together with the body so you can create invocations, spells or manipulate any natural element. This extraction of energy coming from the soul is going to exhaust the person's body.

This energy can be increased with training (as did Celeste and Luna) but there are other ways (in the case of the girls they did it with the help of the elements of harmony). We don't need to go into more detail at this point.

And now comes the tier system:

This is simple to explain; Since the figures can be incredibly high it would be cumbersome to show the actual amount (for example the power of Discord, who is the being with the highest level in all of this comic).

Each level, in this comic, is equivalent to 5000 power and within it this power must be distributed in three factors: strength, speed and magic. For example Twilight, within her level she would need more magic than force and in the case of Pinkie she has more strength and less magic. In my story there's a level limit, therefore the strongest do not reach level 99 or 100 (as in any Pokémon RPG!) and may continue to rise. But don't forget that they are bearers of harmony, and according to their connection with their elements are able to do things that exceed their current level (it can happen because of your strength of will or willingness to protect a loved one).

Well, that's it, sorry for the long explanation, I hope that you've understood it and if I missed something perhaps I can clarify it in a new release.

Finally I would like to thank all of you for watching this comic, I really didn't think that it would become so beloved by so many. When I started it, it was only meant as a joke, but I never imagined that it would become so popular and all the thanks goes to you ^^...

Thanks!! :icontruemadayar: and :iconsomeguy987(the translation into English)^^


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64SuperNintendo 12 minutes ago  Student Traditional Artist
Happy birthday!
Airborne  Party amigo mauroz te deseo un gran y fabulosos cumpleaños te deseo exitos en tu vida y no dejes de hacer tu arte tan increible y fabulosos eres el mejor!!! Party  Airborne 
ms46778 1 hour ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Feliz cumpleaños ! Airborne 
kinGabe 2 hours ago  Student Artist
:icondananana3dplz:  :iconhappybirthday2plz:
feliz cumpleaños
Drevis 4 hours ago  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Buon Compleanno Mauroz!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Mauroz!!!!
Feliz cumpleaños Mauroz!!
feliz cumpleaños :cake:
jankrys00 6 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy BirthDay!!! :D
Party Party Happy Early B-Day Mauroz!! Party Party
Awesome your drawings!!^^ Continue you!^^
happy b-day :iconbirthdaycakeplz:
happy birthday :)
Happy Birthday to one of the greatest fanfiction comic maker! Your soo awesome until I can't forget your name!
:party:Feliz cumpleaños!!!!:party:
Vaat 1 day ago  Student Artist
1st early happy birthday
2nd sory if not the day of ur birthday bec may have no internet bec may have to fix and i wish not to be rude to forgot to greet
JohnLee98 3 days ago  New member
Hi! Nice to meet you! It's me John!
hello. equally ^^
JohnLee98 2 days ago  New member
How are you?
:iconangelfiredemon4:… happy birthday n shit YAY

(sorry if dis is mean)
XDD thanks 

It is a great gift
Hola amigo mauroz bueno lo primero te felicito por tu cumpleaños y bueno para la ocacion te tengo un presente y bueno se que no es mucho pero la intención lo vale pero uno esta aquí en mi canal y otro esta en mi instagrama digo digo instagram ya que el otro no mlo he subido aun en mi canal ya que le falta un  detalle bueno asi que TadA espero que te guste jep…
*o* muchas gracias de verdad me gusta!!
yinyangsam12 4 days ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
:party: Feliz cumpleaños!! :D :party:
Aunque falta poco te queria deciar feliz cumple ^^
XD muchas gracias me alegra que te tomes tu tiempo para saludarme
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