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Friendship Is Magic 01 by mauroz Friendship Is Magic 01 by mauroz
to publish it again but now corrected in parts. thank :iconataricat5:

and also for offering to :iconsebba93: above

This is the first chapter

here the introduction:

MLP1 part 2 here:

MLP2 part 1 here:…
MLP2 part 2 here:…
MLP2 part 3 here:…

MLP3 part 1 here:…
MLP3 part 2 here:…
MLP3 part 3 here:…
MLP3 part 4 here:…


MLP4 part 1 here:…
MLP4 part 2 here:…
MLP4 part 3 here:…
MLP4 part 4 here:…
MLP4 part 5 here:…

MLP5 part 1 here:…
MLP5 part2  here:…
MLP5 part 3 here:…
MLP5 part 4 here:…

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joeFJ Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Dang this so well done. How or what program do you use to get those lines? Illustrator?
BooButtz Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2016
wow, look at this. WTF is MLP so popular? I've neever seen more fan created media and with such high quality for any other fandom than My Flippin Pony. It makes no sense.....It's ok, but great enough to deserve all the beautiful art, custom animations, voice objectively doesn't, which also kind of confused  me. This is why pony haters are such idiots, they harrass a fanbase with creators loads of original content. ANd even if you don't like MLP, you still can;t catch most of the fan created work bad.

And if even people think MLP is bad, they don't have to watch it and it doesn't affect them. Yet the show sparks thousands of  people into creativity and created free stuff for the internet.
VinnyMartello Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I am enjoying this...
Dracorev Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2016
Haha! Rump Tattoo!
RoseP3tal Featured By Owner Edited Jan 30, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
PLEASE READ THIS!!!! Once there was a little girl named clarrisa, she was ten-years-old and she lived in a mental hospital because she killed her mom and dad. She got so bad she went to kill all the staff in the hospital, so the government decided to get rid of her so they set up a special way to kill her, as humane as possible but it went wrong, the machine they were using went wrong and she sat there for hours in agony until she died. Now every week on the day of her death, she returns to the person who reads this letter, on Monday night 12:00 am she creeps into your room and kills you by cutting you and watching you bleed to death. Now send this letter to ten other pictures within ten minutes on this site and she will haunt some who doesn't. You can copy and paste. This is real.
lemagnificent Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2016
all those scenes are true ON THE DREAM
Dragonlver22 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
After I read this page I was like "Okay… where's the 'Watch' button?!"
Legacy-Galaxy Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's below each work.
Charelzzz Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh this is just fabulous, thanks so much for getting it translated!
Snowdog-zic Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2015
Serious and funny, I like this.
iiLogicalii Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2015
Reminds me of Sailor Moon xD Still loving it tho
MikasaAkermanAOT Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This reminds me of inuyasha
RedfromKanto Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2015
Really? for me it's Powerpuff Girls Z
Jojo-Cat Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015
TrueFanFiction Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2015
i like your take on it, it's old school anime logic i haven't seen done right for awhile
sweetpotatokitty Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Ryu890 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015
It actually is pretty well done. The plot's fairly engaging, and the artwork is beautiful, but I'd recommend doing away with the little narration text-boxes that describe whats it happens. Tis a comic. Show don't tell et all.
DragonetXime Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2015
This reminds of sailor moon... big time. Still awesome though :D
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2015
Damn. If she's Luna, how can she be THAT horrible to Celestia, oh right, her Nightmare Moon personality. 
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2015
I wonder if this Pinkie Pie will develop her sixth sense. 
Emperor-Omnimon Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2015
I hope so
gameangel147 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015
I just stumbled onto this, so yes!!  XD
Apollo9000 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2015
Don't lose your way!!!
PuffySmosh Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Perfect comment dude!! XDDDD
ChaniQaProductions Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2015
I would soo watch this if it was an anime.
awsomon Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2015
she is the one called sailor moon....sorry
Lunacorva Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2015
I've always liked this series.

That being said, I do feel the dialogue is somewhat awkward in a few places, likely due to it being translated from one language to another.

If you'd like, I can probably edit it further, make it come of more naturally.
REMcMaximus Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015  Hobbyist
Twilight: Whoa! I can't believe it I transformed.
Spike: Wow! That's awesome Twilight! How did that happen?
Twilight: I don't know, It just appeared out of thin air and something clung to my head.
Spike: What does that even mean?
Twilight: I do know one thing Spike, Something like this is not scientifically possible, therefore this headpiece is not scientifically possible!
Spike: Wait, so do you mean this could be magic?
Twilight: Highly doubtful Spike

Both: Next Time: Element of Magic!

Spike: So if it really is magic, does this mean you could pull rabbits out of your hat?
Twilight: Thats magicians, and thats not eve real magic!
Spike: So you DO believe in magic.
Twilight: Oh I give up!
rana06 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The last panel make my feel like I'm playing in a megaman.
Askerad Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014


omg cry omg cry omg cry omg cry omg cry omg cry omg cry omg cry omg cry omg cry omg cry omg cry omg cry omg cry omg cry omg cry 
TabrisLockhart Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014
This is turning out very good.  I particularly like Pinkie's dilemma of "I just want to make people happy, but that sometimes makes me hard to be around."  That's kind of how I see her in the show and I am glad to see you used that here.
SaryTheWolf Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oooo... Pony-magic based armour and cutiemarks. Also nice take on Pinkie Pie that most people find her over baring, probable realised given that the human world isn't as happy-go-lucky as Ponyville. Interesting characteristic with Apple Jack, I wonder what's making her that why, it not like her pony self.
Chazleebear Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
What does it say?
spudman98 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014
I'm getting a Saint Seiya/Sailor Moon vibe here
TabrisLockhart Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014
Same here, but the cool part is - it's actually WORKING
Wulfgear Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014
Interesting, I like you're designs and artwork.
EnderVice Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
This looks like a awesome comic.
ReihkAngul Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That last panel: Cue the Anime's Main Theme XD
vandreadman Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
when I saw pinkie hugging spike like that and where his head is it made me think of this song if you are below 15 don't listen ok…
LooneyTunerIan Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
This comic is amazing! :D

Ever considered doing a Motion Comic of this or even a Comic Dub? :)
Jdueler11 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2014
The Narrator, also known as "Captain Obvious".
Serefin99 Featured By Owner May 15, 2014
Okay, so...

GO GO HARMONY RANGERS!(sorry I had to)
SilverFox713 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014
MusicalArtyAnime Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
So...Luna would also be Twilight's sister right?
Discordantnoise Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014  Professional General Artist
You would think?Perhaps Twilight's parents could not keep her for some inexplicable reason (Confused )and this lead to resentment...Or maybe that's not it at all!Alucard Laugh 
spogo Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Pinkies got big boobs...
LuvLuvDarkness Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
So, I'm not sure if anyone else noticed this (they probably did) but Luna says 'Il see, she must have spirit of harmony.' Just thought I should point that out! :) I'm sort of an editer by nature.
mkf2308 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014
Wish I can find the image of the buildings at night...
ShadowLDrago Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014
If Applejack si that tall, how tall is Big Mac? I think Rainbow is gonna end up like Edward Elric,the butt of many short jokes.
Mattpwnsall Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014  Student Artist

Awesome :D

Also love the near-panty shots xD

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