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September 16, 2013
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spike  berserker dragon by mauroz spike  berserker dragon by mauroz
Says: I have 2 images of Spike but I chose this one because this not alter the comics (Unlike the second image I decided not to show now) Spike's adult form (Dragon)
In my history he comes from a race so poweful.
the fire ruby have a important role in the story but that topic is dealt whith in the comics xD

PD: if someone asks. No, human Spike don't transform in a dragon... that would be weird see a 10 years old boy transform into a dragon whith the size of a building >.<

tengo dos imágenes de spike pero decidí mostrar esta por que no afecta en la trama del cómics.(a diferencia de las segunda imagen que aun no mostrare)
la forma adulta de spike (dragón)
en mi historia el proviene de una rara raza de dragones de gran poder.
el rubí de fuego tiene un papel importante en la historia pero ese tema se tratara en el cómics xd

PD: si alguno pregunta. no, spike humano no se transforma en un dragón... seria raro ver a un niño de 10 años transformarse en un dragón del tamaño de un edificio >.<
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I like the idea specially if it is going to be something like an out of body spirit form. I think that could present your characters with a nice mystery and dilemma to solve.  I can´t wait to see how the ruby will be incorporated into the story
Honestly if he did it wouldn't be the first time a young boy/guy transformed into something much larger then they're normal form

aka: Attack on Titan with the main character transformation
"It would be weird see a 10 years old boy transform into a dragon whith the size of a building."

Well, we've seen something similar done before.  Well, not both at once, but we've seen a boy around his teens turn into a dragon, and a 10 year old turn into a giant (and a flame-man, and mineral-men, and something capable of replicating himself, etc., etc.).  But I suppose it wouldn't fit in that well in the story.  Unless proper set-up or reasoning is provided.
Я прочитала твой комикс,наверное Спайк превратится в этого дракона когда найдёт красный рубин?
no es mas raro que un grupo de chica obtenga poderes de un mundo alterno donde eran ponys, por no decir que si el se transforma seria  algo asi como hulk o si quieres otro ejemplo tenemos a chico bestia
votederpycausemufins Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
actually, it would be cool for this to happen to spike in the story
you have amulets that act like discord and flip your personality around, why not have a curse or something that does this to spike and twilight and the gang don't want to hurt him at first cause there's still some of his normal self showing (personality wise)
donde puedo leer la historia que sta relacionada con esta imagen?
Hola mauro una pregunta si hago este dibujo de spike en mi pared te enojarías xD  
So THAT'S what the heart-shaped fire ruby is for... clever, mauroz, clever.
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